Tri-States Council Championship Series

About the Series

Introduced in 2011, the Tri-States Council Championship series offers opportunities for skaters to compete in a series of competitions with consistent events and rules, and the opportunity to earn points towards season awards. This series includes events from the USFS Test Track program descriptions.

Each year, at a special ceremony held during the Tri-States FS Competition, awards will be presented to the skaters earning the most season points for that season.

We will try to limit all flights to a maximum of 8 skaters. Season points are awarded in inverse order of placement (1st place = 8 pts, 2nd place = 7 pts, etc; if only 1 skater in event then 4 points are awarded). At the end of the series, in the case of total points tied, all skaters tied for a place will be awarded a medal - no ties will be broken.

There is no need for skaters to register for the Series. As soon as they compete in their first competition they are added to the list of skaters participating.

Current Season Points Standings

Past Season Points Standings

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